Mission and Values

  • Realist English is an international news agency whose aim is comprehensive development of Russia, as well as of the other countries of the world, committed to the struggle for freedom, independence and social justice.

    All people are born equal, but many of them are compelled to live in unequal conditions. Realist English promotes the idea that inclusive human access to education and health care can improve the situation for the better, it will become the basis for a new code of ethics, within which investment in an individual human person and his or her talents is the primary goal of the ruling class.

    Realist English is working to turn information into knowledge, which will allow developing a new ideology and even a new social science for the benefit of society and man.

    The Agency’s mission is to popularize analytical knowledge about Russia and the world. We proceed from the fact that the path to freedom begins with the enlightenment of people, since knowledge is the main equalizer that brings the poor closer to the cherished social justice.

    As part of its special projects, the Realist English introduces the readers to the current problems of socialism, capitalism and social inequality. The systemic crisis of capitalism and the growing income gap between the rich and the poor compel the Realist English experts to look for a new model of social arrangement, which will reveal human talents regardless of one’s national and religious affiliation.

    We consider it our duty to provide all possible support for freedom of speech and the human right to self-expression. An open discussion of public problems is the only chance to find a peaceful and non-violent solution to these problems in the interests of the majority of people.

    The Realist English condemns all forms of violence, xenophobia and censorship, defining them as manifestations of weakness and despotism.